Disabilities are not the problem

Barriers to People With A Disability Are

Learn how to provide accessible content.

Limitless learning, more possibilities

Learn the basics so you can keep expanding your knowledge for your business website. If you are an agency owner, be able to speak with your client about how having an accessible website can increase their market share and sales. 

Get ADA Accessible provides courses for anyone who is wanting to learn more about how to provide accessible content.  Learn the basics of website accessibly with easy to follow lessons and videos. 

Assistive Technologies

Learn about various assistive technologies your users may be using.

ALT Text

Determine if an image needs alternative text, and if so, the best alternative text to provide based on the image’s purpose.

Proper Formatting

Learn how to how to format hyperlinks and tables for accessibility

Color Contrast & Color Meaning

Be able to verify if color contrast ratios meet WCAG guidelines.

ALT Text

Identify considerations for making content keyboard accessible.

Proper Formatting

Generate appropriate closed captions and audio descriptions.

Learn Digital Accessibility
At Your Own Pace

Take a course at your own pace - whenever and where ever you want.